Friday, September 28, 2007

YOUneed to watch

Please, all moms, go to YouTube and type into the search area William Tell Overture for Moms.

It is SO great!

Let me know how you like it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Good Morning

It is 4:35am and I'm wide awake. I woke up at 4am and laid there for awhile, deciding to get up only when nature called so loudly I couldn't ignore it any longer. My hormones are out of whack again, so I'm going to buy a saliva test kit today and get things checked out. I do feel much better when everything is in balance and working correctly. I'm ready to sleep well again!!

Yesterday I woke up at 7am. Not one person in this house was awake and we have to be out of here at 7:20!!! I did the kids hair while they ate breakfast. They ate, a few brushed their teeth, got dressed, grabbed their backpacks, and headed out the door. Thankfully, we made it to the bus at 7:28am!!! I'm not sure how that happened, but it did!!

I want to turn you on to a wonderful blog that I enjoy reading. This woman has 11 children with one on the way. I know her personally. She used to live here. Her mother is a dear, close friend of mine. I think you'll enjoy her writing and her wit.

Check her out.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hi, Friends!!

Penni, Ukok, Scott, and Alexa----HI!!!

Penni, I'm glad you didn't give up on me. I wondered if my interest in the blogosphere would return, and sure enough it did. How have you been? Remind me what you did career wise. I remember it was something in the nursing field, right?

Ukok, how is my accented friend??? Did your mom ever join the Church? Fill me in!!!

Scott, how are the kids? How is that cute, skinny wife of yours? Thanks for dropping me a line.

Alexa, when I finally figured out how to get back to my blog, I looked for you for about an hour. Blog Search didn't turn up the "Alexa" I was looking for, so I gave up. I did say a little prayer that you might visit here and sure enough, once again, my prayer was answered! How are the boys???

How is Hector, does anyone know??

I'm having to reply to all of you with a post as when I tried to post a comment I kept getting a pop-up asking if I wanted to display secure and non-secure items. Nothing I clicked made that little box go away. AND, now all of you are remembering that I'm not too whippy on the computer, right??????

Thank you for stopping by and saying hello!!!! I'll be visiting your place very soon!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Anyone There?

Yesterday, for some unknown reason, I thought about my "long, lost blogging days" and tried to remember my blog name. I couldn't even remember the name of it, let alone the web address. Today, it just came to me. So, here I am, wondering if anyone will even remember that I was once their cyberfriend. I also wonder if any of the blogs that I used to read are still around. I don't have much time today to do any surfing, but I'll be trying to find YOU in the near future. I've missed you!!

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Yesterday was a day for Fall parties at school. Kathryn, the crying clown, did not want to wear her costume, but I did manage to get a quick picture before she took it off. Kristyn had fun with the purple eyelashes and the wild hair. In about 30 minutes, I'm off to chaperone the 8th grade Halloween dance. My oldest daughter and her friend are going as Santa's Elves. Me, I'm Martha Stewart. I am wearing capris, a t-shirt with an overshirt, and I've sewn some measuring spoons, small measuring cups, and a spatula on my shirt. I'll have handcuffs to complete the outfit. Hubby was going to go as my police escort, but he couldn't get off work this evening.


They're gone!!! No more nits, no more live ones. Praise and thanksgiving!!

Now, the trick is to keep them out.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tiny Critters

I am literally pulling my hair out today-------------I am at battle with LICE. I feel that I am losing at this point. St. Michael.............

Four of the kids got headlice two weeks ago. I had them all cleared---no nits, no live critters, fresh pillow cases every day, hairbrushes in the dishwasher every morning (to be cleaned in hot water of 130 degrees F), etc. etc. AND, today they are back-----------like Poltergeist.

Any suggestions? I don't know what I need more----prayer or a good razor?

Friday, October 06, 2006

Another Year Come and Gone

This is how I celebrated my 36th birthday-----with my kiddos around and my favorite cake, angel food with chocolate frosting. It was on Wednesday. I had a great day and felt like a queen all day.